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About us

Mgr. Tomáš Bicek - Bickův překladatelský atelier

The Mgr. Tomáš Bicek - Bickův překladatelský atelier Company was founded in February 1997 as a company dealing with translations and interpreting from and into English, French and Czech. At first, the majority of activities lay in fiction books translation from English (e.g. books by Tom Clancy, Steve Martini and James Elroy) and French (several comic series for the BB-Art publishers); gradually, though, non-fiction texts and tasks began to prevail with clients ranging from businesses and plants (ArvinMeritor LVS Liberec, a.s., František Halama - luxury glass products) to translation agencies both in the Czech Republic (Skřivánek) and abroad (E-Word and Euroscript, Hungary, JMC, Austria, A2M, France). We have provided interpretation services for the luxury glass producer Halama during the "Czech Flashes" event held by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Morocco in 2006.

After 2000 a long-time co-operation with the Skřivánek agency was launched concentrating on translations and interpreting in the field of asylum policy in various places in the Czech Republic (Bělá p. Bezdězem, Kostelec nad Ohří). At the same time, we provided several interpretation and translation tasks to the Municipality of Liberec.

Thanks to the experience achieved and based on passing the Specializing Course for Interpreters at the Charles University Law School in Prague, Czech Republic, our Company was granted the authorization to provide sworn translations and interpretation services in French. Currently, preparatory steps are taken in order to obtaine this authorization for the English language, too.

Aside from translation services we do corrections and verifications of Czech texts, since the second half of 2009, we plan to offer teaching of French as well as Czech for foreigners.

For translating we use the latest versions of the CAT software Trados, we use SDLX, Transit and Catalyst programs, too.


  1. Media, s.r.o., Liberec (www.graco-media.cz)
  2. František Halama, Železný Brod (www.halama-glass.cz)
  3. ArvinMeritor LVS Liberec, a.s. (www.arvinmeritor.com) (interpreting during audits, translation of directives, manuals for production of Dacia cars)
  4. BalticVIP, Latvia (www.balticvip.com)
  5. Tilti Systems, United Kingdom (www.tilti.com)
  6. Imprimatur, United Kingdom (www.imprimatur.co.uk) (manuals for Bentley cars)
  7. E-Word, Hungary (www.e-word.hu) (translation of manuals for Nissan, Nilfisk Advance, Beko, etc.)
  8. Euroscript, Hungary, Luxembourg (www.euroscript.com) (translation of texts for EU - OJ Supplements; manuals for Schindler, UTC, etc.)
  9. Applied Languages Solutions, United Kingdom (www.appliedlanguage.com)


  1. Obec překladatelů (Czech Literary Translators' Guild)(www.obecprekladatelu.cz)
  2. Jednota tlumočníků a překladatelů (Union of Interpreters and Translators) (www.jtpunion.org)
  3. Komora soudních tlumočníků (Chamber of Court Appointed Interpreters and Translators of the Czech Republic) (www.kstcr.cz)
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